Advertising in the sand

Always the same old problem: How do I attract people to my company's trade show stand? Or get visitors queuing for my next event? The answer is simple. Use sand!

Sand sculpting is not just a fascinating art form. A sand sculpture is also great for advertising. An artist building a sand sculpture will be a major attraction at any trade show, just as an original sand sculpture will lend a finishing touch to any event.

A sand sculpture allows you to create funny and special messages. You can get your company logo on the pyramids. Place your new product on top of Mount Everest, or let your boss play chess with Napoleon. The sky is the limit.

At WWSO we are experts at providing experiences involving sand. We supply sand sculptures to trade shows, events and company functions and we organise happenings with working sand artists. We also provide creative sand boxes where your guests can make their own sand sculptures.

WWSO will build sculptures on the basis of photos, sketches and written descriptions. We can also help you with ideas and inspiration for a sculpture.

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