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More than just sand castles

A world of sand

At our annual sand sculpture exhibition, each theme is carefully selected to create an impressive coherence between the individual sculptures. Our talented artists manage to tell a common story through their marvellous sand sculptures, creating an unforgettable experience for our visitors.

More than just sandcastles

We pride ourselves on creating artworks that are more than just ordinary sandcastles. Our sculptures can reach a height of up to 7 metres and stretch for an impressive 200 metres in our sand sculpture wall.


Our artists are extremely skilled at working with this challenging material – where sand is not just sand. They manage to create unique and detailed sculptures that leave a lasting impression on our visitors.

Sandskulptur af bygninger, en ridder og flammer fra en drage
Sandskulptur af græske bygninger

Theme 2023:
Greek mythologi

Søndervig Sand Sculpture celebrates its 20th anniversary in 2023 with a brand new theme: GREEK MYTHOLOGY.

The gods of ancient Greece, including the mighty Zeus, the ruling king of Mount Olympus, are interpreted and sculpted by our talented artists in the world’s longest sand sculpture wall, which is 7 metres high and 200 metres long. In addition to this impressive work, you can also experience 10 individual sand sculptures, each 4 metres high.

See previous sand sculptures

Discover the impressive sand sculptures of previous years on our website! Each year we build sand sculptures under a specific theme, so that the incredibly beautiful and detailed artworks tell a common story. This creates a cohesive and unique experience for our visitors.


In our online gallery you can see all the beautiful sand sculptures we have created over the years. From mythological figures to fairytale landscapes, our talented artists have used different techniques and tools to create the desired shapes and textures in our sand sculptures. Our past artworks are a great way to relive some of the most impressive moments from our previous sand sculpture exhibitions.

We believe that our sand sculptures are an experience for the whole family and by visiting our online gallery you can get an insight into our previous work and prepare for the next sand sculpture exhibition.

Skulpturer af højhuse
Sandskulptur af kvinde i et eventyr med natur og feer
Sandskulptur af ansigter