Our sand references speak for themselves, reflecting our vast experience and expertise in creating stunning sand sculptures for multiple occasions. We have worked on some impressive projects and have had the pleasure of working with Absolut Vodka, the Danish Tourist Board and Siemens Mobile Phones.

Absolut vodka

We have also created a number of impressive sand sculptures at various fairs and exhibitions, including the Ringkøbing Fjord collaboration at exhibitions in Herning and Gothenburg. Hørsholm Midtpunkt was also an exciting challenge, where we created a summer and sand theme in the shopping centre.

We have also been involved in creating impressive sculptures for tourist fairs and attractions. Our work includes a 3 metre tall lighthouse for the Bremen Tourism Fair and a crown prince couple sitting on a bench at Langelinie in Copenhagen. We have also created a beautiful reclining sculpture on the quayside at Bryggen in Oslo and an impressive sand sculpture project presenting the sights of Australia in Bruuns Galleri in Aarhus – yes, the possibilities are many and only the creative mind sets the limits.

We are proud of our work and look forward to continue creating impressive works of art that will impress both near and far.

See all our references below.

Sandskulptur af Absolut Vodka flaske
Absolut Vodka
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Vodka bottle of sand
Danmarks Turistråd
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Beautiful sand sculpture in Bella Centret
Hørsholm Midtpunkt
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Sommer and sand in the shopping centre
Ringkøbing Fjord Samarbejdet
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Sand sculptures at fairs in Herning and Gothenburg
Siemens Mobile Phones
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Mobile phone that shot out of the sand
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4 metre tall sand sculpture
Turistmesse i Bremen
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3 metre high sculpture of a lighthouse
Langelinie Copenhagen
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Crown prince couple sitting on a bench
Bruuns Galleri Aarhus
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Australia's sights
Bryggen in Oslo
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Reclining sculpture on the quayside
Blokhus Sandskultptur
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Sandsculpture festival in Blokhus

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