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Each year, the sand sculptures are built under a unique theme, providing an impressive and coherent experience for visitors. The beautiful sand sculptures tell a shared story and are an incredible form of artistic expression. Discover the impressive and coherent story in the form of sand sculptures and have an unforgettable experience.

20th anniversary

We are proud to celebrate our 20th anniversary this year. It all started with Karsten’s grandfather, Erik Nielsen, and today Karsten owns the festival together with his mum, Annie. They have been running the festival for the last 9 years and it has been a great success with over 120.000 visitors annually from near and far.

Every summer half term, our skilled artists build sand sculptures under a specific theme that tell a common story. It is a unique experience to see the impressive and interconnected sand sculptures take shape and attract curious visitors from all over the world. Come and join us in celebrating our 20th anniversary with an unforgettable experience at the Sand Sculpture Festival in Søndervig.

Sandskulptur af bygninger, en ridder og flammer fra en drage

Making a sand sculpture

Professional sand sculptors require a special type of sand to create their magical works of art. The sand must have the right grains and the correct clay content. To mould the sculptures, the sand is pounded into large blocks and built on top of each other, like building blocks. During the process, the sand is doused with water to help it bind better. The sand sculptor starts work at the top of the blocks and gradually works downwards, keeping an eye on the proportions to ensure a flawless sculpture. Creating the large sculpture walls, up to 7 metres high, requires very special conditions. A 4 metre high sand sculpture takes around 60 hours and requires 25 tonnes of sand. With us, you can experience these fragile works of art created by dedicated professional sand sculptors with decades of experience.

It takes great expertise and experience to create an impressive sand sculpture, which is why the Worldwide Sculpture Organisation only works with the best of the best sand sculptors. Together they create magical works of art that manage to take visitors on an adventurous journey through their amazing and unique creations.

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