Theme 2023: Greek mythologi


Søndervig Sand Sculpture celebrates its 20th anniversary in 2023 with a brand new theme: GREEK MYTHOLOGY.

The gods of ancient Greece, including the mighty Zeus, the ruling king of Mount Olympus, are interpreted and sculpted by our talented artists in the world’s longest sand sculpture wall, which is 7 metres high and 200 metres long. In addition to this impressive work, you can also experience 10 individual sand sculptures, each 4 metres high.

Through our work with sand sculptures, we have created a tradition of creating unique and detailed artworks, and this year’s theme is no exception. We have used different techniques and tools to create the desired shapes and structures in our sand sculptures that will leave a lasting impression on our visitors. Søndervig Sand Sculpture is an experience for the whole family, and we believe that our artworks can provide an unforgettable experience for everyone.

Sandskulptur af harald blåtand